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Outstaffing May . 09. 2024

Case study Comprehensive Staff Outsourcing Service by Lagoteam

In our recent partnership with an American startup, we delivered a comprehensive full-staff, demonstrating our dedication to sourcing top-tier talent for our clients.

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Other March . 14. 2024

Effective Employee Welcoming: Secrets of Onboarding

Taking on a new role in an organization can be an exciting and daunting experience for most employees. The onboarding period depends on various factors, such as the complexity of the role, the individual's previous experience, the organization's culture

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Other January . 24. 2024

Cultivating Your Recruiter Brand: Why It Matters

Cultivating your Recruiter Brand is essential in the competitive world of IT Recruitment.

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Other November . 23. 2023

How to Hire Top-Tier Software Developers

In this article, we'll delve into the ins and outs of hiring software developers, explore the challenges recruiters face, and share valuable information on addressing them effectively.

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Other October . 31. 2023

How To Overcome Burnout And Revitalize Your Remote Team

Hybrid teams have made most modern businesses incredibly agile. In the ever-changing world of work, the emergence of remote and hybrid teams has provided greater opportunities for both employees and employers. However, this new normal also brings with it

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Outstaffing September . 27. 2023

How Outstaffing is Shaping the Future of Remote Work

The dynamic workforce paradigm blurs the lines between traditional office environments and remote workspaces. As the global workforce seeks flexibility, adaptability, and access to specialized skills, innovative workforce solutions have emerged to bridge

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Outstaffing August . 31. 2023

Strategies for Successful International Recruitment

How to make international recruiting successful

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Outstaffing May . 24. 2018

Outsourcing and outstaffing phenomena. Сomparison of Salaries

How come outsourcing is so widespread? How much do they earn?

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Outstaffing April . 05. 2018

How to avoid ungraceful moments while dismissal?

How to avoid ungraceful moments while dismissal? The benefits of external staff.

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Outstaffing March . 23. 2018

Tips For Hiring The Right Employee

Finding the right person is quite a challenging process but it always pays back.

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Outstaffing March . 16. 2018

Remote employee or freelancer?

What means “Freelancer” and how he differs from a remote employee? How to find a good specialist and not to put your foot in it?

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Outstaffing February . 28. 2018

Top Reasons to Use "Out" Staffing Firms

Outsaffing and talent search in Ukraine. HR outsourcing companies in Ukraine, benefits and advantages of using outstaffing firms. Payroll operations and legal compliance with the law.

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