Top Reasons to Use "Out" Staffing Firms

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February . 28. 2018

Fast-paced work environment age is here. It is becoming more difficult to compete nowadays and retain customers with high project implementation quality. Very often we have a lack of resources and make our employees work more hours, which basically exhausts energy and leads to productivity reduction anyway. However, due to the current situation on the market companies found a solution for this, since according to the laws of the universe, demand generates an offer.   

Companies frantically hunt for the best candidates and even are ready to invest enormous amount in this. Meanwhile, demand on different recruiting agencies is growing in geometric progression. Each company wants to get all top talents in the world. This is when staffing firms join the game. There are so many of them providing various types of services from staff search to payroll operations. Nonetheless, I would like to focus my attention at the term “outstaffing”, I am sure on 100% this term is pretty much new at the present time. Even though there is no such word in a dictionary you can easily understand the meaning. Prefix “out” points at something that is not in a company for sure. So how do we adjust this to staffing itself? Simple as pie. Outstaffing companies usually provide you with candidates, which are basically located in some other country, work in some other office, but they work on your projects and for your benefit. Additionally, such outstaffing firms take payroll operations and all legal responsibility upon themselves, which is pretty convenient. As a result you get a talent for your company, but actually you avoid current obligations associated with the presence of a new employee in your office. Anyway, being a creative minded person, I might put too much information in one paragraph and to make it more clear let me introduce you a list of top separate highlights of what is so special and extremely cool about using outstaffing services.  

  1. First of all, outstaffing firms are brilliant at talents search. We can be so convinced in the fact that the most talented people are in our country, but this is only our assumption. Today's world taught us where we can find the cheapest labour, the most talented programmers, the best quality cars production etc. Therefore, we cannot claim that only in our country or city we are able to find the best and the most hardworking employees. As regards outstaffing companies, they play a key role in finding those stars your business requires. This implies the following aspect which is location issue. To be more specific, outstaffing firms are usually located in some other country or even continent and candidates they provide are also would be from another country. Nevertheless, this should not be considered as a problem, since we all live in a modern world and are aware that distance is no longer a problem due to the technical process and easiness in communication.

  2. Here is a smooth transition from location to another point which is employee location. This is the most fascinating, how do we hire someone from another country and who would take all the responsibility for this employee. Well this is the most interesting fact about outstaffing companies. They take care about this candidate and they provide him with a working place and all necessary conditions in the country he lives.

  3. Since we figured out where this candidate will be located another question arises. What about payroll, taxes and all this legal part? How do we deal with the law and legal obligations if a person would work for our company from another country and we don’t know actually anything about how to be with compliance with the law. Once again, why do we need outstaffing firms then. This is the most valuable, because outstaffing company is totally responsible for placement, payroll, taxes etc. You get manpower, the best minds, high productivity and you have no other issues. This is brilliant, isn’t it?
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  4. There is more… Let’s admit that even though we have a lack of resources, what’s the point of finding some candidates somewhere else, in another country. The answer is obvious, RATES. Yes, it’s all about the money, that is why we use outsourcing, offshore, outstaffing and whatever else. Every business is all about the money. We want to get the best for a cheaper price. What if I told you that you will obtain what you want. Indeed, the most talented people in country would work for you, but this is not expensive. Just think what crazy amount would you pay each month for a labor of a top manager or programmer in your home country (we are not speaking about Third World countries). Exactly, you would pay a lot! With outstaffing you have unique opportunity to save the budget and develop your business at the same time which is impossible very often. 

To sum up, there is only one thing that has to be highlighted. Hiring truly talented people is a huge multi-year investment that keeps on giving. Why not to do this smart.

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