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March . 23. 2018

Every successful entrepreneur has to understand the significance of hiring the right people. Even though finding a perfect employee is quite a challenging task, it is better to analyse everything twice and cut once since one mistake in this case may lead to unpredictable and very costly consequences. Finding the right person is quite a challenging process but it always pays back with employee productivity and positive influence on overall work environment. I would like to talk about the most prominent aspects of hiring, of course, this is not a comprehensive guide but here are certain rules you may use for hiring the right employee for your business.  

1. You definitely need people with a commitment to their career.

Individuals who are really committed to their jobs are the most valuable candidates to hire. I don’t think that you want an employee who would switch jobs very often simply because of a search for a higher salary. Conscious people should understand that they cannot get the highest salary on junior positions. This means they should grow steadily within one company’s scope. This is how we measure employee’s loyalty to any company. I would recommend to pay attention to candidate’s previous jobs duration. If they used to switching jobs frequently, you don’t want this person to become a part of your corporate culture.  

2. Test them again!

This is great if found a candidate with a perfect resume and recommendations but as we know, people lie. Yes, especially people who want to find a decent job. Remember yourself when you were searching for a good position and on every job interview you used say that you can speak five languages fluently and know completely everything. People lie, so test them one more time on the topic of their skills. Try to use modern methodologies to assess all skills required. You may use even some tricks in your tests in order to see if a candidate is able to work under a big pressure.       

3. We are compatible or not?

Doesn’t matter whether you have a remote employee or in-office one, you want someone who will fit your company’s corporate culture. Here is the time to check candidate’s social and personal skills. If you want someone loyal and really nice (hate this word, but this is what we need) you always have to check how this person gets along with others. There are so many psychological tests that will help you to get a better understanding of your candidate’s personality. You might think that this is irrelevant but I don’t think that you want a person who would be tricky and inspire little confidence. Furthermore, as they say, you may have a perfect marketing strategy and plans but it will all stuck because of one unfriendly and irresponsible individual in your staff. So make sure you hire really good people.  

4. Never stop improving your hiring process.

Doesn’t matter whether you have a startup or big organisation you should always pay attention to all new techniques in hiring process. I believe you want to improve every aspect of your business and recruitment should not be the least in this list since your company’s profitability and success is directly related to your staff competence and pleasant working environment. One of the most often practices is to involve third parties in hiring process in order to get a better understanding of a candidate’s competence. Other people’s opinion in evaluating process might be very valuable in finding the best solution for your business.

5. Don’t forget about interns.

Some people might have an opposite opinion regarding this but this is one of the best ways to hire the right candidate. Over the time you will grow a responsible and loyal employee, moreover, you will be aware of his/her strength and weaknesses, competence, behaviour and practical evidence of work. This is actually all you need to know about a good employee. There is always a way to grow your own star if you make a wage for a “fresh blood”.

6. Check their social life performance.

Actually, asking personal questions like “are you married?” or “how many friends do you have?” might be considered as inappropriate and awkward for both parties. However, there is a great solution for this. For instance, your human resources team may explore and analyse candidate’s activity on social networks. You may think this is invasion of privacy, but I am calling this inherent part of analytical process. You may be very surprised about what you will find about your candidate on social media. You’d better be prepared since you don’t want anybody with bad reputation.

I was trying to collect the most important things in one article and really hope you will use these tips for your benefit. If you have additional questions, please, don’t hesitate to leave your comments to the article or contact us by filling the form below.  

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