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March . 16. 2018

At present time managing director in either small or big company realizes keen necessity in hiring highly qualified professionals. The question is where to find these candidates. I offer you to go beyond your office space and think broader. In this article I would like to share an experience of how to find a talent on the side and highlight the most prominent distinctions between remote employees and freelancers.

Let’s first talk about what modern approach to work IT specialists have chosen. Probably this pillar have been formed by itself but who knows. There are several options of finding additional resources, specifically, you may refer to an outsourcing whether outstaffing firm but also to a freelancer. In this article my aim is to figure out what option is more relevant and to prevent you from extra unnecessary expenses, waste of time and trouble.

What means “Freelancer” and how he differs from a remote employee? How to find a good specialist and not to put your foot in it? The main thing we should understand is that freelancer is a frequent flier who may have several clients and projects at the same time. This freedom in choice where and when to work and what project to take is very attractive for many professionals. Eventually, they may work at home, rent an office or even work somewhere by the beach. Three cheers for the Internet! However, not many of them can fight temptation, some struggle with organisation of working schedule while taking lots of small projects. Once in a while it becomes a mess. In this case something goes wrong, and we have either missed timelines or poor quality of work. We must admit that if nobody is in the responsibility for a specialist and none can control the project, we are not able to blame someone except ourselves if something is done incorrect. Personally I had a huge experience in working with freelancers, and I don’t want to scold anyone but probably I had a bad luck with it. I used to face different sort of problems like missed deadlines or completely wrong perception and as a sequence bad project implementation. Once again, I don’t want to cast aspersions on someone, but over the years I came to the conclusion that I would rather refer to an outstaffing agency. I want to make sure that my project would be implemented on time and according to my requirements. Moreover, it is really annoying when you cannot reach your specialist for some reason that is why I’d like to choose a firm but not a free bird who I would not know where and how to find in case of poor work quality.         

Some people even claim that remote employees are more productive than in-office staff. How come? At the psychological level in-office specialist feels himself secure and comfortable in the meaning that he always can increase the duration of the project since there is no need to rush. Meanwhile, remote team or a single employee has a greater perception of responsibility for the job offered and wants to perform better. They have strict deadlines and requirements and, of course, they don’t want to mess up. Furthermore, these remote employees have a project manager or director who is in charge for the best result and you easily can control this.    

It becomes very easy to manage projects since you should have one indestructible rule and no matter whether it is in-office or remote employee. Use your CRM properly, specifically, employees have to indicate all changes and include daily reports which highlight problems and timelines. In case you apply this rule, 80% of problems will smooth out. In this frame of work there is no difference between in-office and remote employees, since all of them show high profitability. There is nothing shameful or irrational in involving a remote team or professional especially if you have a lack of choice in your region or city.       

Current situation on the market allows us to speak about this increasing trend of attracting outstaffing firms to the business. Therefore, I would recommend to get in touch with Talent Acquisition Manager from Lagoteam and receive a consultancy as regards search and placement of remote staff. Here you may personally discuss your requirements to a candidate and make sure they would be met.       

Hope this article was informative and useful. If you are interested in detailed description of technologies and instruments of remote work and want to get to know the processes better, you are welcome to leave comments under the article or simply send us an email in the form below.      
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